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A Creepy Couture Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, I've been looking for some spooky-specific attire that can pay homage to one of my favorite holidays while still being fashionable. From Wildfox to SOTBM, everyone's embracing a spooky silhouette and is offering something for everyone!

Perfect Pokemon Go Streetwear!

Got all your poke balls lined up and ready to take over the local gym, but still want to look FUCKING AMAZING while eviscerating the other team? Want to look cute for that other Trainer just down the street? Got a late night Pokemon meet-up happening down at the beach?

Nail'd It!

That's why I wasn't holding out much hope for the Espionage brand. But, I was proved wrong! The Nail'd It wraps worked wonderfully! I LOVE that they have a wide range of comic book, TV, movies and video game options to choose from and aren't just stereotypical flowers or glitter.