VogueLeader is a fashion and lifestyle blog created and written by Jessica Chobot (IGN, G4TV, Nerdist). My goal is to celebrate the style and creativity found within the various world of fandoms.


A Brief History

Since 2006, I've been in what many folks working within this pop-culture movement have deemed: The Industry. Consisting of video games (my forte), comics, cosplay, anime, manga, technology, TV, movies and many other sub-genres of fandom, I've been around to watch how each of these areas have evolved throughout the years, sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a not-so-good way, but still, always moving forward in one direction or another.

One area in particular that I've noticed gaining massive momentum is within "wearable cosplay" and "video game street style." Women in particular have been able to reap the benefits of companies recognizing that there are female fans out there, thirsty for a chance to let their fandom flag fly. With this recognition, a whole new fandom fashion genre has sprung up and continues to grow bringing more options to one's closet than just the free t-shirt given away at Cons.

All of this advancement towards inclusion, even if it is something as minor as what can be found in one's closet, is FANTASTIC! The 20-something fan girl in me is absolutely screaming with delight!

There is one small issue though.....I'm no longer 20-something.

In fact, I'm much closer to 40. And a working mom. Still within The Industry. But one thing that I have found surprising is how much my interests HAVEN'T changed from those of my 20-something self. I still play video games almost every night, I have my ComiXology account bursting at the seams (Outcast and Saga are my two current faves), and I have just upgraded my Crunchyroll and Dramafever accounts so that I can get all my anime, K-drama & T-drama on-the-go (Coffee Prince, Hotelier and Office Girls are ones you should add to your must-watch list!)

And while my interests haven't changed, my taste certainly has. Specifically, my taste in fashion. I'm no longer content to wearing a basic, one-size fits all t-shirt w/ my favorite game's logo stamped on the front. Or trying to justify buying a guy's small to fit my women's medium torso, just because the guy's version of the shirt has the best design. And, while I love the look and selection of all the crazy printed leggings out there, sometimes I want something a bit more than just mass-printed patterns in a stretchy fabric.

That brings us to 2016. My purpose is to use this blog as a fashion-forward pop culture platform, bringing together everything that appeals to the video gaming, anime watching, comic book reading woman that I am. Granted, what you'll find here will be based (a little bit) on my personal taste and directed primarily at women, but if all goes well, I hope to dedicate a section, not only to fashion and make-up, but also for wearable tech, as well as, a section devoted to men as well.

I hope that you have fun looking through this site and finding something that captures your imagination, quickens your pulse a bit and makes you feel incredibly outstanding when you wear it.